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Whether you are a regular customer or an interested potential customer we hope that you find this list of questions and answers useful.  If you've a question we’ve not covered call us!  

I’ve not left my pet before - what should I consider?

Being separated from your pet for the first time can be upsetting regardless of how exciting your travels may be. You need to consider two main things; 1) the welfare of your pet, and 2) how you feel about your choice. The welfare of pets should be of primary concern and the benefits and alternatives sections below may help you consider your options. However, you need to be comfortable with the choice you make too. Questions we recommend include:

  • Does the care giver have a plan to deal with emergencies should they arise?
  • What would happen if your pet became ill?
  • Will they be looked after in a safe and suitable environment?
  • Will they be fed a suitable diet?
  • Will they be protected from pain, injury, disease and suffering?
We would be happy to discuss with you how we offer quality care in person or over the phone. You can read more about the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963, the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the licensing conditions that we have to comply with set by Winchester District Council.

What are the benefits of using kennels and catteries?

Choosing where to leave your pet when you are away is a personal choice and we want to give you evidence to help you make your decision instead of opinions as we clearly are biased in our views! Boarding kennels and catteries are very highly regulated, clear policy and procedures have to be in place to ensure the safety and welfare of animals. All licensed kennels and catteries are regularly inspected to ensure they continue to comply with conditions. The checks and balances in place within kennel and cattery environments mean that only vaccinated animals are accommodated reducing the risk of disease and illness and the accommodation meets strict safety criteria. Cats are incredibly adaptable regardless of personality if they are given warm, comfortable environments with human contact. Dogs on the other hand can have very different personalities and preferences and therefore what is best for one dog may not be best for all - you know your dog best. We treat every dog as an inividual and you are very welcome to visit and discuss how we can adapt our care to suit your dog's unique personality.

What vacinations does my pet need?

All pets who board with us must be fully vaccinated. Just like when humans get together germs and bugs can spread between individuals and therefore all animals who come into contact with others (even when out walking) are at risk of picking up nasties. See this useful guidance provided by the British Veterinary Association on protecting your pet from diseases. We will need to see evidence that your dog has been vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para influenza, leptospirosis (all included in your dog's annual booster) and kennel cough. If you are boarding a cat we need to see evidence of primary vaccinations (FPV, FHV & FCV) as well as an up to date annual booster. We recommend that all pets receive routine flea and worming treatment as advised by your vets.

Can I check on how my pet is whilst I am away?

You are very welcome to call us if you would like to hear how your cat or dog is. We are working on updating our technology and have limited bandwidth and internet connectivity so are unable to do streaming. We are experimenting with Instagram as a way for you to see pics of your pet.

How can I best prepare my dog for their stay?

In our experience the best preparation is to maintain normal routines and not demonstrate extraordinary concern or excitement as dogs specifically will be able to pick up on your emotions. For this reason try to keep your goodbyes short and sweet. We know that it can be hard to walk away from your loved companions but hopefully we have reassured you that they will be safe, happy, healthy and loved in our care. You can, of course, shower them with love on your return.

What if I am delayed or late to pick up?

Flight delays, gridlock on the M25, other unexpected events all happen and we understand. If possible please notify us if you are aware that you will be delayed in your collection and we can arrange an alternative time or if necessary, another day which will incur additional fees. Please do not worry - we always keep a proportion of kennels empty to make sure we can cope with the unexpected so your dog's welfare will still be ensured. We do this because we care and want to help in cases of genuine emergency - please do not abuse this goodwill! Turning an overnight stay into a two week holiday in Majorca during peak season isn’t what we had in mind!

What happens if my pet becomes ill?

If we have any concerns regarding your pet's welfare we will notify our kennel vet. However, we can contact your vet if you provide us with the details. We also make sure we take the details of someone we can contact in your absence should we need to discuss any aspect of your pet's welfare. Please see our terms and conditions for more detail about insurances and vet fees.

Can I come and have a look?

Usually the answer is absolutely! However, as part of our 'adapting to Covid' ways of working we have temporarily suspended viewings. Please call us with any enquiries.

Will my pets be kept together?

We are very happy to keep your same species pets together where possible. If you have a large family of giant dogs this will clearly not be feasible or comfortable but we can make sure that they are exercised together and socialised with one another. For the comfort of our feline guests our cattery is a no dog zone - and we will not board a cat in a kennel either.

Do I need to bring food?

You do not need to bring any food if you are happy for your pet to receive a kennel diet during their stay. We give all cats and dogs a complete dry food diet as a first choice but have a range of alternatives including wet food. If your pet has a specific dietary requirement you are welcome to provide your own specialised food. We have chilled and frozen storage available. If you do provide your own food we will ask you to label it when you arrive and provide us with details on quantity and frequency. ** We are happy to feed a raw food diet if you provide it, however, on veterinarian advice we will not feed raw food on the bone due to the risk of damage to the mouth and digestive system. Please see our terms and conditions for more detail. Please ensure you provide enough food for the duration of your pet's stay and if you bring frozen food please ensure they are in single use portions. You are also very welcome to bring treats for your pets.

Are you open at Christmas and Bank Holidays?

Yes we are! We board animals 24 hours a day 365 days a year . Bank Holidays including Christmas along with school holidays are always busy times. Although we are open for boarding the office is not open 24/7. Please check out our seasonal opening hours for when you can drop off and collect your pets. The office is closed with no drop-off and collections on Bank Holidays and Christmas Eve. On special days we like to make a fuss of our boarders and Christmas day is a special day for all with festive meals and treats.