View of hayfield during harvest, South Downs National Park, Dog and Cat looking over the valley from bezels countryside boarding kennels and cattery

Knowing your dog is being cared for in a loving environment is perhaps the most important thing we can tell you. 


From a warm early morning greeting to a caring bedtime treat your dog's happiness and welfare is our primary responsibility. 


Whether you are jetting off on a well earned holiday, away with work or faced with a situation where your dog can’t accompany you, we want you and your dog to worry less whilst you are apart.

kennel overlooking the surrounding downs
High quality complete diet included in cost of boarding
Medicines given on owner and vet advice
high quality beds, bedding, toys all supplied
eco-friendly high quality toys for stimulation
tailor routines to individual pets
play, gentle touch and social contact for natural doggy behaviours


  • Each dog has its own bedroom overlooking the surrounding downs, giving the dogs a sense of space and freedom.  Each room contains a comfortable bed, and has its own individual large covered exercise run attached, to which the dogs have access whenever they wish. Every kennel has indoor areas electrically heated to each animal's requirement and outdoor areas with shelter from rain and direct sun allowing the dogs to be comfortable whatever the weather.

  • We provide food included in the cost of boarding. We recommend a complete dry food kennel diet, however, we also have a range of alternatives.  If your dog is used to a specialised diet we are happy to accommodate this and have storage facilities for chilled or frozen meals.  

  • If your dog requires regular medication during their stay please contact us to discuss - each circumstance is unique and we want to make sure that boarding whilst on medication is safe.

  • We provide beds, bedding, toys, leads and food during your dog's stay.  But please make sure you bring your lead to escort your dog to and from the car!  All our bedding is checked regularly to make sure it stays clean and dry so your dog always has a soft warm place to retreat.  Bedding is sanitised between boarders so your dog can make it home from home with their own scent.  

  • Toys are an important part of stimulation in a kennel environment and we ensure that your dog is only given good quality toys.  Toys are checked daily for signs of damage to ensure they stay in good condition; sanitised and rotated between animals to increase interest.

  • We are interested to hear from you about your pet's habits so we  can tailor feeding and exercise.  Keeping predictable routines will  reduce any undue anxiety and help your dog settle in quickly. 

  • It is important to us for dogs to be dogs in our kennels and we endeavour to give our boarders as much opportunity as we can to exhibit doggy behaviours through play, gentle touch and social contact.

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